Video shows Capitol police giving approval for January 6th protesters to protest inside U.S. Capitol


A new video shows U.S. Capitol Police allowing protesters on January 6th to operate freely under specific guidlines inside the U.S. Capitol building. Many of those discovered through forensic audits inside the building are now facing charges from the Department of Justice and FBI, but the new video could sink the government’s case against many facing trespassing charges.

In the video, a Capitol Police officer was shown giving the group his approval, including “Q-shaman” Jacob Chansley.

“Show us no attacking, no assault, remain calm,” a police officer in the video told protesters.

Rumble — In this short clip, Capitol Police officer Keith Robishaw warns protesters—including “Q shaman” Jacob Chansley—inside the Capitol Building on January 6 against using violence. Chansley and another protester are then seen instructing other protesters to be nonviolent as they exercise their right to assemble.

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