After running into cop, irate Canuck calls him “Little F-ggot” and drives off, then this happened


ALBERTA, CANADA – An irate Canuck, his girlfriend and their dog were caught in a mess after the man allegedly struck a police officer with his vehicle.

“I’m waiting for your boss, so f-ck off and get in your car,” the man shouts at the cop. “You’re a f-cking little b-tch. Give me my ticket and go f-ck yourself, you goofball f-cking f-ggot. F-ck you…f-ck off you b-tch.”

The man then sped away yelling, “You’re a f-cking clown!”

He has then pulled over again and was pulled over by another police officer had his gun drawn then the man squealed like a pig, shouting, “He’s tripping balls!”

Did you see it?
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