Woman Convinces Man to Surrender His Chained up dog and her Puppies


A rescue received a call about a Mama dog and her puppies chained up at an owners residence. She came upon a mama dog chained up and hungry and her puppy, and another chained dog.

The owner of the dogs spoke to her. He went in the garage and brought out 2 puppies in a crate and surrendered them to her. She also rescued another puppy that was with her mama dog.

After she put the puppies in the car she went over to talk to the owner. At first he refused to let her have the Mama dog. After telling him she needed to be neutered and have vaccinations and needed a warm bed, he had a change of heart. He ended up giving both of his dogs to her.

The puppies and other dog were all adopted, and now Mama Lucky has been adopted. She has the happiest life, and is so trusting. Even though Mama Lucky was chained up for the first two years , she trusts with all of her heart.

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Watch this incredible journey below.

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