Murphy says he consulted medical experts before decision to keep NJ masked up indefinitely


ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today said he and his team consulted with medical experts and didn’t just “stick our finger in the air” before making his decision to keep New Jersey as one of the last three states to continue requiring residents to mask up.

Murphy did not say whether or not the mask mandate will continue for days, weeks or even months.

That medical advice comes in contrast to advice and guidance from the U.S. Center for Disease Control which declared all vaccinated citizens can stop wearing face masks. Period. Full stop.

Murphy and his administration continue to balk at the CDC guidance, instead deferring to their own in-house decision-makers. Currently, New Jersey and Hawaii are the only two states which have not modified their indoor masking policy since the May 14th CDC guidance update.

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“Any amount of time on the clock allows us to continue to drive the numbers into the ground,” Murphy said. “Even if it’s a matter of days.”

“I got no news on that,” Murphy said. “We are opening this place up. We’ll do it soon. We’ll do it responsibly. safely and as soon as we think we can.”

Murphy said his goal is to get 4.7 million adults vaccinated by the end of June, but did not say whether or not the decision to unmask New Jersey depends upon hitting that goal.