Pregnant mom, bystander shot dead in crossfire during eight-woman gunfight


HEMET, CA – A mom who was an innocent bystander in a gunfight between eight women was shot dead in Hemet Tuesday evening.

Police here said that just before 6 pm, a group of several females began fighting in the 1200 block of Valencia Avenue in the city of Hemet. The Hemet Police Department began receiving calls about the fight that had grown to involve no less than six to eight people.

Officers were sent to the scene and arrived in about three minutes of being dispatched. While driving to the scene, 911 operators received information that someone had started shooting near the crowd.

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Upon arrival, officers found three gunshot victims at the scene and soon learned of two others who had made their own way to a local hospital. Of the victims still on-scene was an adult female who had appeared to have been shot in the head. An adult male was also found with serious gunshot wounds to his leg & back.

The third victim was hit in the arm near his elbow. Officers immediately provided emergency medical aid to these victims while additional EMS arrived. Ultimately, the female victim with the head injury, and the male who was shot in the leg & back, were transported to Riverside County Medical System’s trauma center; the female had been air-lifted and the male was driven by ambulance.

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The third on-scene victim with the elbow injury was transported via ambulance to Hemet Valley Medical Center.

“We are saddened to announce that the female who had been shot in the head has passed away following this needless violence,” police said.

The victim, Tamika Haynes was a Hemet resident and was only 27 years old. The other four gunshot victims, to include those who made their own way to hospital and are all expected to survive.

While exact motives are not yet known, there is no evidence as of yet that the shootings, which all took place at basically the same time, are gang-related.

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