Tales from Grady: The drunk driver who blamed the victim

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by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd – Francisco was out for a drive in his silver Toyota Camry one evening last week when he ran into another car in Alturas. Rather than stopping to check on the other driver, Francisco fled the scene in his crashed, crunched, creased, and crumpled Camry.

The other driver, Mr. M, was determined to not let him get away. He called the PCSO and continued to update dispatch regarding Francisco’s current location, which allowed a deputy to easily find him.

A deputy stopped Francisco’s Camry and noted that his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his speech was slurred. He asked Francisco to step out of the car, and the results were staggering. That is to say, Francisco could hardly perambulate (Ooooh….you like that?) and maintain his balance…like a baby…just not as cute. First, Francisco said he hadn’t been involved in a crash. Then he admitted he had, but blamed it on Mr. M. Stratego!

Francisco took part in a Standardized Field Sobriety Test and he scored a perfect 18-out-of-18 on indicators of impairment. He was arrested for DUI with Property Damage and chauffeured to the Polk Pokey.

At the jail, he provided two breath samples; the first showed a breath-alcohol content of .199, and the second was .195 (the limit is .08, so yeah, it’s no wonder he failed the Field Sobriety Test so badly).

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Francisco also caught a charge for driving while his license was suspended/revoked (DWLSR). This ain’t his first ripped rodeo either; he has three prior DUI convictions with one of them being a DUI Manslaughter charge.

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