New video of Nancy Pelosi shows Democrat mask mandate nothing more than a con game

Nancy Pelosi’s congressional mask mandate is nothing more than a political game as is the push by many Democrats across America to keep face masks in circulation despite the CDC saying it’s not necessary.

If you’re a fully vaccinated American, you do not need to wear a surgical face mask indoors or outdoors. Except in a few Democrat-controlled states such as New Jersey, Michigan, Hawaii, California, and Oregon where Democrat governors are pushing the unmasking window out as far as they can.

Pelosi said she is not relaxing her mask mandate in the U.S. Capitol during sessions of Congress. However, a video released this week shows her decision is nothing but political as she chummed it up with a room full of mask-less Democrats down the street in the White House…as they should, according to the CDC.

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But, her hypocrisy is on full display in the video below. In the video at the 4-second mark, you can even hear one person coughing…oh the hypocrisy of the Democrat party. Who can forget when Pelosi went to the salon during the middle of the lockdown?

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