Mask mandate in public schools is child abuse, says New Jersey governor candidate

education, pandemic and health concept - group of students wearing face protective medical mask for protection from virus disease raising hands at school

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – New Jersey Republican candidate for Governor Hirsh Singh, coming off a rally for fired Ocean County school nurse Erin Pein said forcing children in schools to wear face masks all day is child abuse.

Pein was fired by her district after suggesting it’s time to stop forcing students to wear face masks. In protest, she showed up to work not wearing a face mask and was fired.

“The mask mandate in schools is child abuse. It is literally child abuse,” Singh said. “These kids are getting abused with the way these mask mandates are forcing our kids running around, they’re getting mud, food, dirt, in their masks…it’s a petri dish. We’re asking kids breath through that instead of breathing clean air.”

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