New Jersey company hoping to turn heads with new swivel beach chair

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ROOSEVELT, N.J. – Orbit Beach Chair, a relatively new direct-to-consumer brand launched their portable recreational rotating chair a little over a month ago, The Orbit Beach Chair ($149), available for purchase on their website

Talk about a spinning success…after running a micro-budgeted social media campaign, the Orbit Beach Chair, LLC company has sold nearly half of their first production run of swivel beach chairs before summer has even officially kicked off.  “We knew there was a need for this type of beach chair in the market, but we had no idea it would take off as quickly as it has. And, with Memorial Day weekend rapidly approaching, we are hoping we don’t sell out before we receive our next shipment!” said Joseph Block, Co-Owner & CEO.

The initial concept for this one-of-a-kind swivel beach chair was based on sunbathers who wished to face and follow the sun without having to get up and move their chairs every couple of hours. But, the chair has turned into so much more. After a long, difficult year, people are anxious to get out and about. And, due to the warming temps and the availability of Covid-19 vaccines, they can finally do just that. The versatility of the Orbit Beach Chair has quickly made it the get-back-to-life go-to for outside activities. Designed for comfort and portability, the folding, swivel chair makes picnics, outdoor gatherings, sporting events and beach excursions much more relaxing and fun. 

For those who manage to scoop up an Orbit Beach Chair while they’re still available, find your favorite spot, take-in the 360 degree view and exhale.

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