Singh issues harsh rebuttal to Ciattarelli’s unhinged personal attack


Until this week, it appeared that the 2021 Republican primary election for Governor was a one man show. Then the polls came out to show that it was not, but a two-man race between GOP establishment candidate Jack Ciattarelli and Trump conservative Hirsh Singh.

On Saturday, news of the tight race triggered Ciattarelli who went on a social media tirade against Singh with a handful of unproven and unsubstantiated claims. Read Ciattarelli unhinged: GOP candidate loses it in petulant Facebook tirade against opponent Singh to read more about that in detail.

In a nutshell, Ciattarelli called Singh a Phil Murphy supporting, Hillary Clinton loving, Barack Obama praising Democrat who lived in his mom’s basement and to Jack’s credit, his followers are gobbling it up faster than Jack gobbles taxpayer-funded campaign dollars for his race. Read What New Jersey makes, Jack takes. Ciattarelli accepts $4 million in public funds to run campaign to learn more about that.

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Sing, on Sunday fired back at Ciattarelli’s unfounded cyberattack, inviting his base of Trump supporters to join the fight against the Trenton swamp, which he claims Ciattarelli, a 33-year politician is deeply rooted in. Watch the video below.