There’s a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday and here’s how to see it

Lunar Eclipse the shadow of Earth is over

A total full moon lunar eclipse will take place in the early morning hours and will be visible from many points in the United States. The eclipse will be a spectacle for those who see it as it coincides with the largest “super moon” of 2021. It is also the only total lunar eclipse of 2021.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon and the earth casts its shadow on the moon. The event turns the moon a blood red during the event.

The eclipse will be visible at moonset along the pacific coast and as far east as Texas. Unfortunately, the East Coast will not be able to see the eclipse this time.

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There will be two total lunar eclipses in 2022 on May 16th and November 8th. The May 16th eclipse will be the East Coast’s next shot at seeing a total lunar eclipse until 2025 which will take place on March 14th.