Drunk driver runs down man left for dead in highway at Soprano’s Badda Bing strip club


LODI, NJ – The strip club used in the HBO hit series the Sopranos was the scene of a violent crime Saturday morning. You might know it as Badda Bing, but the club’s real name is Satin Dolls. It was where Tony Soprano and his crew made many deals were made and much poker played in the backroom.

On Saturday, the Lodi strip club was the scene of a violent and fatal attack on a 38-year-old man. Shortly after 3:30 a.m., a man was struck by a drunk driver and dragged for two full football fields. The man was beaten and left for dead in the highway by a group of men who he had an earlier argument with.

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Detectives say the man who was left in the middle of Route 17 was then struck by a drunk driver and killed. The road was closed for the next nine hours. Police have not yet announced the capture of any suspects and the name of the victim has not been released.