In New Jersey you don’t need to social distance anymore after Friday

Woman and man in social distancing sitting on bench in park

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – Social distancing. You know, that thing where you can walk through a crowded line at Target or Home Depot, elbow to elbow, but mom and pop businesses could only have 2 people in their stores at a time. That thing that kept you away from your elderly parents and grandparents for the past year and three months?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, one of the staunchest supporters of the social distancing doctrine has announced, under duress has said as of today, New Jerseyans don’t have to social distance anymore.

“Friday we will be lifting the requirement for maintaining six feet of social distancing in all indoor and outdoor settings. This includes businesses such as restaurants and retail spaces, personal care businesses, gyms and recreational and entertainment businesses such as casinos,” Murphy said. “We will also be lifting the six-foot distancing requirements for religious services, political activities, weddings, funerals, memorial services, and performances. Every business can continue to require social distancing, should they choose, and we fully expect that many will do so initially to ensure the comfort of their customers.”

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Murphy who initially balked at the new CDC guidelines removing restrictions for fully vaccinated Americans, after intense political pressure from both sides of the political spectrum has reversed course.

“Again, per CDC guidelines, if you are not fully vaccinated, then we are strongly encouraging you to continue to practice in addition to masking, practice social distancing,” Murphy said.

Additionally, Murphy will be releasing the limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

“Looking one week further ahead, on Friday, June 4th, so that’s a week from this Friday, we will be moving forward by removing all indoor gathering limits,” the Governor added. “This includes the general 50-person gathering limit as well as the 250-person gathering limit that applies to things like political activities, wedding ceremonies and receptions, funerals, memorial services, performances, catered events, commercial gatherings. We will also on June 4th lift the 30% limit on large indoor venues with a fixed seating capacity of 1,000 or greater.”

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This comes one year after Jersey Shore Assemblyman Greg McGuckin sought to impose draconian $15,000 fines on New Jerseyans violating the governor’s social distancing orders.