Oroho tells Murphy, let New Jerseyans make their own decisions


For the past year, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been an omnipotent factor in the daily lives of every single resident in New Jersey. He has acted as chief scientist, police officer, medical doctor, teacher, health inspector, judge and jury. Now, Senator Steve Oroho says enough is enough.

“What are we waiting for?” asked Senator Steve Oroho after Governor Murphy announced plans to lift more COVID restrictions by the end of the week.

“Why do we continue to play these games? After a full year of being told what to do, New Jerseyans deserve better. It’s time to rip the Band-Aid off and open everything up,” said Oroho. “Let’s do it!”

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Murphy today announced a series of changes that will go into effect on Friday: masks will no longer be required at indoor public places in most circumstances; 6-foot social distancing requirements are out at restaurants, stores, gyms and other businesses; dance floors at bars and restaurants can reopen; and patrons won’t have to remain seated while ordering, eating or drinking.

Also, indoor gathering limits will be lifted on June 4.

“He has a press event today to announce things he’s going to do later,” said Oroho. “People have had enough of the drama. Why wait? This drip, drip, drip approach is unnecessary. Just lift the restrictions and let people decide their own comfort levels. For too long, New Jersey residents have been stripped of their individuality and freedoms.

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“We all should be proud of the way residents dealt with the pandemic. Now it is time to loosen the reins and let things return to normal,” said Oroho.