Phil Murphy says he was the clear winner in last night’s Republican debate


Governor Phil Murphy blasted his Republican opponents Tuesday night after listening to Conservative Hirsh Singh and Republican establishment candidate Jack Ciattarelli spar in their first debate. The debate was full of barbs by Ciattarelli, including attacks on Singh’s family, his job as an engineer and other personal assaults.

Murphy sat back and laughed at both, saying he was the clear winner in the debate.

“Beneath all the name-calling, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli and Hirsh Singh agreed on one thing: they want to drag New Jersey backwards. Their divisive rhetoric, politically motivated lies about the pandemic, and failure to denounce extremism disqualifies either candidate from being governor,” Murphy’s campaign said. “New Jerseyans deserve far better than an anti-science Trump-like sideshow. When they’re not using conspiracy theories and dog-whistles to rile up the far-right base, the Republican candidates are touting out-of-touch positions that would hurt New Jersey families.”

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The governor, who has been under fire for his convoluted lifting of the mask mandate this week said he was the clear winner.

“No matter which candidate passes the Trump litmus test, the Republican nominee will be too extreme for New Jersey. Governor Murphy emerged as the clear winner of tonight’s debate, as he continues to build broad support for his unifying and inclusive vision for New Jersey’s future,” the governor’s campaign claimed.