Watch as two cops risk their lives to save man trapped in burning car


Last summer, the Austin city council defunded the police department by cutting their budget by more than 30%, but that didn’t stop two officers still on the job from risking their own lives this week. On Monday, two Austin police officers arrived at the scene of a burning vehicle with a man trapped inside.

As flames intensified, fully engulfing the vehicle at around 4:40 p.m., the officers never gave up until the man was pulled from the blaze and dragged safely away. Witnesses said the man appeared to be having a medical episode. The man was unconscious when he was pulled from the vehicle.

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Later that night, the same two police officers performed life-saving actions to save the life of a 19-year-old gunshot victim. Assistant Chief Robin Henderson presented Officers Pineda and Carrera with a chief’s coin of recognition for their heroic actions yesterday. They saved a man’s life by pulling him out of a burning vehicle.