Melinda Ciattarelli goes Jersey Shore on Singh campaign manager


While her husband Jack debated Hirsh Singh in the studio at New Jersey 101.5, wife Melinda Ciattarelli unleashed her inner Jersey Girl against Singh’s trolling campaign manager King Penna, who looks and sounds incredibly like Michael Scott from the office, Tuesday night.

The campaign for governor in the Republican party has devolved from a political discourse into a back and forth name-calling session with Jack Ciattarelli saying Singh “Lives in his mom’s basement” to Singh calling Ciattarelli the “designated loser” and now and in-your-face MTV Jersey Shore style argument between Ciattarelli’s wife and Singh’s campaign manager. We’re guessing before June 8th, there will be police reports and possibly even physical contact the way this race is going…and then there’s Phil Rizzo, now probably thanking God he didn’t qualify to be part of the shit show.

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We’re not sure exactly what prompted the argument since the video released by the New Jersey Globe today starts with Melinda calling hubby’s opponent Hirsh Singh a ‘loser’ in a heated exchange with Penna in the green room at the 101.5 studio.

“He’s a loser,” Penna said about Jack Ciattarelli.

“Hirsh Singh is a loser,” Mrs. Ciattarelli fired back.

Seeing the opportunity troll, Penna, raised the stakes, calling her husband and “never Trumper who didn’t vote for the President.

“You didn’t even vote in the election, two elections, 16 and 18,” Penna said.

“Bullshit,” the Jersey girl fired as Penna then told Ciattarelli she should throw her kids out of the house, a reference to her husband’s constant mocking of Singh, an Indian American and eldest son remaining home to care for his parents.

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“My kids are out of the house, thank you very much,” Ciattarelli responded. “My son’s in the army, you idiot…you imbecile…you’re an arrogant asshole…I don’t want to be anywhere near this piece of shit.”

“You’re a wonderful lady, I can tell,” Penna said.

We’re not sure who started the fight or who won the fight, but one thing is certain. The 2021 Republican primary election for New Jersey governor is officially now a dumpster fire. Source within the campaign for Phil Murphy have reported they are thoroughly enjoying the New Jersey Republican party self-implode.

Buckle up Jersey, there’s just under two weeks left and we’ll provide blow by blow coverage right here!

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