Murphy says it’s up to state employers to act as vaccination police in the workplace

Diverse colleagues wearing face masks working in office. hygiene and social distancing in the workplace during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Murphy’s piecemeal lifting of the COVID-19 face mask mandate is getting more confusing by the minute. As most states have issued blanket unmasking orders, Murphy continues to micromanage the reopening of New Jersey in the same manner as he micromanaged the pandemic.

Murphy said employees who are fully vaccinated can return to the workplace mask-free as of June 4th, but for those who have yet to receive their vaccine or refuse, they must continue wearing masks…and it’s up to the business owners to regulate.

“I will be issuing an executive order giving additional guidance and flexibility to employers and especially those in office settings as they look to their own continued return to normal operating practices,” Murphy said. “This order will be effective next Friday June 4th. As we have done, we want to give our businesses ample time to make the right decisions for their employees and workplaces. First, while all workplace health and safety protocols apply to indoor worksites closed to the public, employers will be able to allow employees who can verify that they are vaccinated the ability to forego wearing a mask and social distancing.”

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The fear of segregated workplaces causes a problem and instead of offering guidance, Murphy warned business and employers not to pull any malarkey.

” We’ve heard this from a number of different businesses including and especially those that operate in multiple state and multiple jurisdictions. By the way, there should never be any stigma against any coworker who may be fully vaccinated but chooses just to be safe to wear a mask,” Murphy said. “That’s still okay anywhere, anytime. As a patron or as a coworker. At this time, we’re going to continue requiring state employees to mask up and to keep social distancing at state offices and worksites while we continue to transition back to normal.”

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With that announcement, Murphy also announced he is rescinding the mandatory work-from-home order he signed during the pandemic.

“I am rescinding the portion of executive order #107 that requires businesses or non-profits to accommodate remote working arrangements and to reduce their on-site staffs to the minimal number necessary,” he said. “We’re doing this to allow employers greater flexibility to bring employees back into in-person working environments. We encourage all employers to do the right things for their specific workplaces. While we are rescinding some requirements, that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect you to be flexible and to work with employees, particularly those who are juggling family obligations such as childcare.”

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