Service dog stolen with car in North Carolina shows up at Tennessee shelter


MORRISTOWN, TN – Last Friday, deputies in Haywood County, North Carolina put out an APB on a stolen car and the man who stole it. Inside the car, was the owner’s labrador-pitbull mix service dog. Jolene was the service dog of the owner, Aaron Morris, and his family tried desperately for whoever stole the car to return it, along with his medicines and cell phone.

The Sheriff’s office released surveillance video from the gas station where the crime occurred. The family started a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money in order to pay for a reward for the dog. That campaign so far raise $1,200.

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“Last week, while running into the store, Aaron had his service dog stolen along with his car, his phone, his wallet, and most of his worldly possessions,” the family said. “Aaron has offered a $1500 reward for the return of his dog. This fundraiser will be used to fund that reward as well as raise it, to help him buy clothes, groceries and hopefully a new car. He has stated that he only wants the return of his dog and he does not care about the other things. Let’s show Aaron there is still good in the world. Help bring Jolene home!!”

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Four days later, Jolene showed up at a rescue in Tennessee, some 50 miles away/

“We learned last night that Jolene, who was brought in as a stray on Monday, had been inside a car when it was stolen in North Carolina,” Morristown Hamblen Humane Society. “The reason we couldn’t reach the owner at the number on the tag was because his phone was also in the car. Thank you to the people who shared our post her owner was notified and they have been reunited!”

As for Morris’ car? It wasn’t such a happy ending. It was found at the bottom of a nearby river.

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“Everyone, Jolene has been found and was reunited with Aaron yesterday! His vehicle was also found, sunk in a river. We are keeping the fundraiser open to help with costs help him get back on his feet. Thank you for all the donations and prayers. We have the most valuable thing back! JOLENE,” the family said on the GoFundMe page.