Singh launches pro-NJ “Save Jersey” and says “Don’t move to Florida just yet”

Hirsh Singh exiting the election booth after casting his vote.

New Jersey is known as a state that is at the top of every bad list and the bottom of every bad list, but New Jersey Republican candidate for Governor, Hirsh Singh is asking Jerseyans to stay put, because there’s still time to fix it all. Singh’s latest video tells New Jersey residents to hold off on their exodus to Florida or other states.

Currently, New Jersey leads the nation in outbound moves, but Singh says his plan to “Save Jersey” will once again make the state a place where people want to stay, live and eventually retire in. Singh blamed the policies of the past three governors, Jon Corzine, Chris Christie and Phil Murphy for the decline in the quality of life of New Jersey residents that brought higher taxes, costly unfunded mandates, gas tax increases and a mass exodus of business.

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2020 was especially tough on New Jersey businesses as COVID-19 and Phil Murphy’s extended lockdown drove many into bankruptcy and closure.

There’s just one problem. The state’s current state of affairs is driving tens of thousands out of the state each year and Singh’s message is, “Together, we will ‘Save Jersey’ and Make New Jersey great again.”

Singh has routinely criticized his opponent Jack Ciattarelli as an ineffective cog in the Trenton Swamp. Ciattarelli has been in public office, including at the state level for over 30 years and has been unable to “Save Jersey”.