Judge Jeannine Pirro slams the media for ignoring the Hunter Biden scandal


In an interview with Fox and Friends this morning, Judge Jeannine Pirro slams many of President Biden’s policies. She is asked about many different questions about the economy.

She said, “There’s so much money into the economy right now that people don’t want to go to work because Joe Biden is giving them so much money, that they would rather stay home than go to work but what has really got my goat here is we’re talking about $400 billion in healthcare.”

She talks about inflation, unemployment, and the Border Crisis.

When asked about Hunter Biden she said “It’s all about pay-to-play. It’s all about Hunter Biden whose had a lot of problems providing access in the US to people in Russia, to people in china, i mean, china, he comes out of there with his father after flying over there on air force ii and then denying Joe Biden lied to the American people over and over again. He told us that he never talked to his brother. He never talked to his son about their businesses, and yet, now, we have photographs of them. Now, we have that laptop, and by the way, they never denied the authenticity of that laptop. And so now, you know, big tech comes in along with the media to say we’re not going to let the American people hear about this. Can you imagine if it were Trump that went over there and then they brought back 1.5 billion from china or $3 million from the widow of the Russian mayor”.

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