Honey, is that your bomb in the shed? World War I era bomb found


Our grandparents and great grandparents came from a generation that never threw anything out. During the two “Great Wars” and rationing, everything had a second purpose…apparently, even a Coopers bomb.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department received a call for an unexploded ordnance found in a shed while the owner was cleaning. Officers responded to the scene and called South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and Air Force EOD to help with their investigation.

The bomb was a World War I style Coopers bomb that was used by the British in World War I. Inside, four pounds of high explosives are packed into a 20-pound case. The bomb was detonated by the Air Force EOD and created a loud explosion that rattled more than a few window sills. The disposal was done in a field near the 9th avenue Dollar General.

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Police did not say whether the bomb was found inside the shed or in the dirt around the shed.