New Jersey Women for Trump: We have NOT endorsed Phil Rizzo for Governor


It seems the battle between the New Jersey GOP swamp creatures and the Trump camp is spewing over into the New Jersey Women For Trump organization. A story published by former Chris Christie consigliere David Wildstein reported that the leader of the organization has endorsed never-Trump candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

The group today said that the endorsement by Tracey Lore, the founder of New Jersey Women for Trump does not represent the opinion of the group at-large, nor does it constitute a formal endorsement by the group.

“NJWT has NOT endorsed a political candidate for office other than President Donald J. Trump, hence the name of the group. Any Admin, moderator or editor that does so does it under their own volition and does not represent the sentiment of this group at large,” said NJWT Director and co-founder Priscilla Mangini. “We are a group open to many different ideas and opinions and are not here to sway our members opinion one way or the other but are here to facilitate an environment of open dialog and free thought. The endorsements and opinions of any individual in this group are just that, their individual opinions and thoughts.”

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“I am convinced Phil Rizzo is the best candidate to advance a Pro-Trump MAGA style agenda in New Jersey. I am excited to endorse him for governor,” Lore said to the group this weekend.

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