Phil Murphy backs Jack Ciattarelli in feud with opponent Hirsh Singh


TRENTON, NJ – Never Trumper GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli got some help and moral support from the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy during his long-running feud with his opponent Hirsh Singh. The two were able to share a moment over a recent scuffle between the dueling Republican gubernatorial campaigns.

A back and forth escalation of words has been playing out by Ciattarelli and Singh as the campaign heats up in the final days before the June 8th election. After a Jersey Shore style blowout took place Tuesday night at the NJ 101.5 studio between Singh advisor King Penna and Melinda Ciattarelli, the wife of Jack Ciattarelli, Murphy jumped to the aid of the Ciattarelli’s.

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Murphy’s support for Ciattarelli come after Singh endured weeks of harassment by Jack Ciattarelli attacking Singh’s family and Indian culture and it came to a head with Mrs. Ciattarelli calling Singh a “loser” in the green room at the NJ 101.5 radio station studio and his campaign staffer, “A piece of shit…asshole.”

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“Attacking a political opponent’s family is appalling and disgraceful. Hirsh Singh should immediately apologize to the Ciattarellis. This is a new low,” Murphy said of fellow Trenton swamp creature, Ciattarelli.

Murphy supporters on Twitter and Facebook rushed to Jack’s aid, in support of Murphy’s comments criticizing Singh’s support for former President Donald J. Trump. The Murphy campaign has made their case very clear in the past two months that the Governor prefers to face off against Jack Ciattarelli in November by their campaign messaging intended to rally pro-Trump support for the candidate who once said the former President was a charlatan, unfit for office.

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With Governor Phil Murphy joining in the attack on Singh and one GOP assemblyman soon followed, even called for Singh to let Ciattarelli run unopposed next Tuesday.

“Drop out, now,” GOP Assemblyman Ryan Peters said.  “It’s clear your campaign has completely lost its mind. You are an embarrassment to New Jersey and our country.”

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Geri Ambrosio, a Trump-backing candidate in New Jersey’s 10th legislative district running against pay-to-play glutton Greg McGuckin said she felt Mrs. Ciattarelli was the antagonist and that establishment Republicans are doing nothing more than play games to remove a formidable opponent from the field.

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“I viewed the tape and Mrs. Ciattarelli was clearly the antagonist,” said Toms River Republican Club President Geri Ambrosio.  “Quite frankly I was surprised at her behavior which I think was unbecoming of someone who wants to be the First Lady of New Jersey.”