16 year old dog caged his entire life finally get the happiness he deserves


An animal rescuer went down to Tijuana, Mexico to rescue some dogs. The shelter there had over 200 dogs and was overcrowded. Upon walking around she spotted this dear old sick dog. At that moment she fell immediately in love with the dog. She walked into the pen and the dog immediately collapsed in her lap. She knew she had to take the dog home with her.

After a week at the veterinary hospital, her friend offered to temporarily foster him while he recovered. She she finally brought him home, the dog again collapsed with love on her. The dog loved her so.

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After taking care of him, she realized she needed to be there to help rescue other dogs. Her neighbor was happy to officially adopt him. He now has two moms who love him, and he gets to see his favorite person all of the time. Of course he collapses in her arms every time she sees him.

Watch this incredible rescue and journey of this beautiful old soul getting a second chance at happiness.