Jack Ciattarelli running mate caught on video stealing Hirsh Singh lawn signs


TOMS RIVER, NJ – One of the biggest complaints political candidates have during is election is the theft of lawn signs by their opponents. It’s a costly venture that can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know who it is removing the signs your supporters place in their community.

For New Jersey candidate Hirsh Singh, he now knows who has been removing his signs in Toms River, his opponent Jack Ciattarelli’s running mate James Quinlisk. Quinlisk was caught on video removing Hirsh Singh signs by a passerby who decided to record him after seeing several of Hirsh Singh’s signs laying on the grass along Route 166.

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The Singh campaign has done a great job advertising for their top-of-the-ticket candidate, placing signs in prime locations all over town. Now, you can say if an ordinary citizen who was tired of seeing signs removed them would be ok, but when an opponent removes them, then that’s just cheap and tacky.

Cheap and tacky has become a signature of Jack Ciattarelli’s campaign of personal attacks against Singh, not to mention the Jersey Shore like outburst by his wife Melinda Ciattarelli last week against Singh’s campaign staffer, King Penna.

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A video of the encounter was released this weekend by candidates down ballot from Hirsh Singh in next week’s elections. You can see that video below.