Who won the Hirsh Singh vs. Jack Ciattarelli debate? NJ 101.5 poll shows clear winner


After the first debate between New Jersey Republican candidates for governor, Hirsh Singh and Jack Ciattarelli ended New Jersey 101.5 radio station listeners feel Singh came out victorious, despite a green room outburst between Melinda Ciattarelli and Singh staffer King Penna.

According to a poll on the radio station’s website, 70.38% of listeners felt Singh won the first and most likely only debate of the campaign between the two candidates. Only 29.62% said Jack came out as the winner. When it comes to the green room fight between Jack’s wife Melinda and Singh staffer King Penna, it depends who you ask.

According to the Trenton establishment, swamp creatures chiming in, Ciattarelli won and King Penna is an ‘asshole’ for sparring with the wife of the opposing candidate.

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The campaign had been going south for sometimes as Jack Ciattarelli launched personal attacks against Hirsh Singh’s father, claiming the elder Singh, who is not running for office is a Democrat, therefore his son is. Ciattarelli had launched attacks against Singh’s family and American Indian culture in several attack mailers, funded by taxpayer dollars, mailed to homes.

Jack Ciattarelli has binders full of women rushing to his defense.

Stami Williams

Now, Ciattarelli has another woman fighting his battles, this time his campaign gal Friday, Stami Williams. Like the Taliban and ISIS, Ciattarelli in the latest battle is hiding behind the women and children. The candidate himself has not made any statements personally about the Jersey Shore style dispute between his wife Melinda and Penna, only releasing a statement from his press secretary.

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“Here’s something Democrats and Republicans in New Jersey can agree on: Don’t attack a candidate’s family,” Stami tweeted in Jack’s defense.

Williams condemned Penna’s engagement with Melinda. The only words from the candidate himself were, “I’m proud of my wife!”