One week after $438,000 repair job finished, Ortley Beaches damaged, eroded again

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – The newly installed fence posts had not yet weathered and the sand brought in by a convoy of dump trucks hadn’t fully settled after a $438,525 public contract was complete before another stormed washed much of it back out to sea this week.

Ortley Beach, ground zero for Superstorm Sandy was hit hard by a February nor’easter that washed out the recently rebuilt dune system and several access points constructed of wooden ramps and steps. The township had hoped the beaches would finish naturally replenishing themselves this summer, but so far, it looks like Mother Nature is ready to take anything the town throws at her.

Last week, Mayor Hill and Township Engineer Robert Chankalian were in Ortley Beach for a photo op published by the town’s $60,000 a per year marketing agency run by Monmouth County Democrat Senator Vin Gopal, inspecting the progress of the dune repair project.

“Our first priority was to rebuild the dune for protection against future storms,” said Mayor Hill.

Chankalian said, with the prevailing winds now coming from the south, the beach should begin to rebuild itself naturally, but so far, it’s not working that way.

Hill said that he expected the project to be complete in time for Memorial Day and the summer beach season, but Memorial Day weekend was filled with rain and passing storms Friday through Sunday morning. Now, it’s unsure when the next round of emergency repairs will allow for tourists to get back in.

Check out Toms River Shorebeat’s photos of the most recent damage.