The Godfather of the Jersey Shore returns, Tommy Cheeseballs is coming at you


SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – You might think that the hit MTV series “Jersey Shore” was an invention of some genius producer, but in reality, the show’s godfather was New Jersey native Tommy “Cheeseballs” Perna. Long before the MTV Jersey Shore and their cast of characters, there was MTV’s True Life: I Have a Summer Share.

It was aired in 2003, six full years before Pauly, Mike, and Vinny ever landed on the shores of Seaside Heights. Many call him the founding father of “Jersey Shore”. He was GTL’ing before most of the Jersey Shore cast was old enough to hit the bars in Seaside Heights. This week, Tommy Cheeseballs announced he’s making a comeback and he launched his own TikTok channel this week. Unlike some of the Jersey Shore cast, Tommy Cheeseballs is a true Jersey guy.

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“You all been wondering where the f-ck I’ve been for all these years,” Perna said. “Imma let you now. Real soon. Real Fast. This is the one and only Tommy Cheeseballs, f-ck all the shi-t you’ve seen before and all the sh-t you heard and read online. This is me real, live and uncut.”

One of the funniest moments for us old locals from Tommy Cheeseballs had to have been when the North Jersey native was calling people in Seaside Heights Bennys.


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Perna who got his nickname because of his endless quest for women and cheeseballs on the episode had some of MTV’s most classic moments ever broadcast. Now, after a nearly twenty year hiatus, the former construction worker is back, but is the new generation ready for him?

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