Police Officer Frees Dog Chained Outside in Freezing Cold and She jumps right into the police car


A Police Officer spotted a dog chained up to the front porch of a house. The wind chill was -20 degrees. The dog was malnourished and had spots of frostbite on her ears. Immediately he knew he would have to free the poor dog. After freeing her from the chain , the dog immediately jumped in the police car. She was thrilled to be finally safe.

When the police officer dropped her off at the shelter, she tried to run back with him. The dog was in the shelter and he felt terrible. He didn’t even know if the dog was going to get adopted, so he decided he couldn’t leave her there. He adopted Sweet Pea.

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At first she was very shy but eventually came out of her shell and now has the best life with her Police Officer daddy.

Watch this adorable story below