This ridiculous Vin Gopal photo op shows Murphy pandemic virtue signaling on full display


LONG BRANCH, NJ – The ridiculousness of Democrats and their loyalty to the failed medical policies of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy were on display this week in Long Branch. Virtue signaling was on full display as NJ DOT Commissioner Diane Scaccetti and NJ Transit CEO Kevin Corbett gave a presentation along with Murphy supporter, Monmouth County Democrat Vin Gopal. Chairs were socially distanced for the extremely sparse crowd of about 10 people who came out for the Gopal photo op.

Now you might say, “Hey Shore News Network, this is ridiculous, the killer virus is still out there. These Murphy loving Democrats are just playing it safe.”

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Well, take a look at the next photo. All of that social distancing went out the door when the group decided to take a photo op. Folks, this isn’t about science, this is about progressive liberal virtue signaling by Democrats like Gopal and Phil Murphy. These ridiculous antics aren’t going away anytime soon, we’re afraid. The science behind the Murphy-Gopal pandemic rules is nothing short of a mental disorder that continues to drive their virtue signaling to the rest of us.

After all that social distancing, Gopal and attendees risked their life and possible COVID-19 superspreading with a lovely little off centered photo op. Maybe they were avoiding the COVID-19 particles in the atmosphere to their right…who knows.