Fact Check: Did Mitch McConnell Really Say ‘The era of bipartisanship is over’?


NOT EXACTLY NEWS – FACT CHECK – An MSNBC story claimed Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell has declared ‘The era of bipartisanship is over’, but is true? Did he really say it?

According to MSNBC, when criticized for his rejection of a bipartisan agreement to investigate the January 6th uprising and a Paycheck Fairness Act vote, by Chuck Schumer, McConnell responding by saying ‘The era of bipartisanship is over’.

But did it happen? Yes, McConnell said,  “It’s pretty clear the era of bipartisanship is over.”

However, McConnell was not stating that bipartisanship is over due to any acts of his own or Republicans, but said Democrats refuse to work with Republicans, therefore bipartisanship is over, in his opinion.

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Democrats and liberal media outlets used McConnell’s soundbite out of context.

You can read more “right side” factchecking at NotExactlyNews.

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