Puppy Found Tied to A Fence and abandoned on city street in Newark

Abandoned on a city street....


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& Popcorn Park – This sweet, young dog found himself in a real predicament in mid-May when he was abandoned in a city street in Newark, NJ.  A good samaritan noticed the dog while visiting a local resident.  He was found tied to a fence on the street and abandoned.  Although the person that found the dog went door-to-door, looking for his owner, they were never found.  One local resident said they noticed the dog wandering the streets for days.  He was taken to our AHS- Newark facilty where he was found to be quite thin but in otherwise good health.

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He has since been named Hayden and this dog is an absolute doll!  He obviously doesn’t hold anything against anyone, despite being abandoned by someone that he surely trusted.  Hayden is only around a year and a half old and he’s a big boy, but he’s very mellow and well-behaved.  He’s very friendly and happy to meet new people, and he’s eager to get into a great home where he’ll be cherished and kept safe, as he should be.  If you’re interested in adopting Hayden, please contact our Newark facility at 973-824-7080.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Hayden and so many others like him that we give a second chance to, after they’ve been let down.  Thanks so much for you.

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https://www.ahscares.org/cp/5424/Hayden–Tied-to-a-Fence-and-Abandoned-in-Newarkr support!https://www.ahscares.org/cp/5424/Hayden–Tied-to-a-Fence-and-Abandoned-in-Newark

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