Watch as sinkhole completely swallows Hyundai in parking lot after rainstorm


MUMBAI, INDIA – An amazing scene unfolded in India as a sinkhole opened up under this Hyundai Venue after a strong rainstorm. The hole opened beneath the car in a parking lot and swallowed the entire car within seconds. One can only imagine the shock the owner experienced when coming out…Dude, where’s my car?

At first, it looks like the car was just going to slip down a bit. Then it sunk deeper and deeper into the tiny abyss until all you can see was its taillights, then nothing at all.

Heavy rains have struck the region which often creates sinkholes and landslides which can be fatal. Luckily, this car was empty at the time of its demise. Let’s hope Jake from State Farm was working on Mumbai time.

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