Dog who cries and cries after getting dumped in shelter finds happiness again


Wilma was dumped at the shelter by a man who stated that he found her. The second he left, Wilma became to scream and cry. The shelter knew she had been surrendered.

A woman and her partner decided that they wanted to adopt a rescue so they were matched with Wilma. The second they brought Wilma to them the women began to cry and immediately formed a deep connection to her. Wilma smothered them with kisses. As they left, Wilma would not get up and go back in the shelter. She was refusing to budge. She wanted to be back with the couple who had just left. She had to be carried back inside.

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After a home check went perfectly, the rescuers brought Wilma to her new home. She was very anxious at the time, but completely melted into her new family when she was brought to them.

Wilma now had a fenced in yard, and even her own bedroom. She has the best life and takes long walks with her new owners.

Watch this sweet success story below a about a sweet dog, and her second chance at happiness.