Time Magazine unveils bizarre propaganda style cover of doctored up Joe Biden


Joe Biden looks like an amazing, strong, and younger middle-aged warrior ready to take on the evil empire and Russian President Vladimir Putin on its latest magazine cover. The Time Magazine Photoshop department was in full operation as it worked to make the President 30 years younger, a little bit cooler, and a slight bit intimidating. The miracles of modern technology.

There’s just one problem…he’s none of the above. Biden is feeble, he comes off appearing weak and ready to cave into his handlers at the drop of the hat. He’s more Grandpa Simpson than Top Gun’s Maverick as portrayed on the cover. Known in Time Magazine corridors as the “Dragon Slayer”, Biden is now getting ready to head to Russia to face off against his arch-nemesis, Vladimir Putin.

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He claims he stared down Putin, eye to eye, and told the Russian president he has no soul. There is of course no evidence to fact-check his claim and Putin doesn’t remember it ever happening.

Last month, Biden showed Putin who’s the boss when he allowed the Russian president to finish construction on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The magazine’s cover story is “Taking on Putin”, if that means giving the Russian President his way with the pipeline, than yes, Joe Biden is taking on Putin.

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