Is a seven day NY transit bus pass enough to push you to get a COVID-19 vaccination?

NEW YORK, USA - JUNE 7, 2013: People wait at a subway station in New York. With 1.67 billion annual rides, New York City Subway is the 7th busiest metro system in the world.

ALBANY, NY – Are you on the fence about getting your COVID-19 vaccine shot? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo might have what it takes for you to roll up that sleeve and get stuck…a free 7-day transit pass. Cuomo is hoping the free seven days on a crowded bus or train is just what is needed to get the anti-vaxxers in line and vaccinated…but will it work?

“Another reason to get a vaccine now, we are going to have a cooperative relationship with all public transit across the six upstate transit agencies. If you get a vaccine, you will get an unlimited seven-day transit pass,” Cuomo said. “So you wouldn’t have to pay for any commuting costs on public transportation for the week. Every upstate transportation agency is working with us on that. So, Central New York Regional Transit Authority, if you get a vaccine now you will get a seven day pass. That’s another good reason to get it done.”

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The one week pass is a great way to reward those who already got their vaccine, but that’s now how this works. If you already got your vaccine, great job, but you’re not eligible.

 Only those who get vaccinated between June 15 and July 14 are eligible for the free pass. Sorry, New York, you should have waited.