New York to spend $40 million on post-pandemic “I Love New York” marketing blitz


NEW YORK, NY – After your state led the nation in pretty much every COVID-19 category and your governor sent thousands of elderly seniors to an early death in nursing homes, what says “Come on back!” better than kickstarting the old “I Love New York Campaign”.

Cuomo said he is going to try to get people once again to start visiting New York…but upstate New York.

“We’re going to lean into this with our I Love NY campaign. We’re going to advertise upstate opportunities in the I Love NY campaign. It’s going to be a $40 million international campaign,” Cuomo said. “It is probably the quickest way to jumpstart and reinvigorate our economy by getting that tourism industry up and running and we’re very proud of what we have here in Upstate New York. You put that together with the new advantage of our super low COVID positivity rate in the state and I think it’s going to be a natural tourist destination for people.”

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