Ron DeSantis emerges as a front runner for President in 2024 who can also reunify the Republican Party

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Florida Ron DeSantis governed his state of Florida during the pandemic the way most Americans wish their governor did, especially those living in blue states like New Jersey, California, Oregon, New York, and Michigan. DeSantis has proven himself to be a fighter, loyal to both America and Americans, a hard trait to find in politics these days where most who serve are loyal only to their campaign donors and special interest groups.

In the post-Trump era, if any Republican has a shot at unifying the Republican Party’s Trump and Anti-Trump factions, it’s Ron DeSantis. He is liked by the never Trumpers and he is loved by the Trumpers for his no-nonsense and in-your-face approach to governing his state.

“The reasons are clear ― Florida is successful because we are OPEN and let Floridians make decisions that are best for them. Florida’s budget has $10 billion in reserve because Florida chose Freedom over Faucism,” DeSantis said this week about why his state is doing so much better than the lockdown states.

DeSantis balked at mask mandates. He balked at COVID-19 restrictions that shut down industry and business and now, his state is one of the most desirable ones for those embarking on the exodus from blue states. In the end, Florida is going to make out, and nothing was sacrificed to get there. Florida’s COVID-19 numbers were no different than any other large and heavily populated state.

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While many in the Trump camp would like to see a Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024, what America might really need is a ticket headed by DeSantis with Trump throwing his full support to the ticket while remaining a political background presence in the country like most former Presidents.

As each day wanes, the prospect of a second Trump presidency wanes as the media, Democrats and now federal law enforcement continue their endless campaign against the Trump family. It was all too much of a distraction during Trump’s first term, albeit beyond his control, but for a second term, the media circus would become a full-out 24-7 freak show during a second Trump presidency.

That’s why Trump should start thinking about plan B. How to be a leader of the Republican party without always being the center of attention on the Republican Party. Americans still need Trump, despite what CNN and MSNBC said. Heck, their own existence relies on Trump not going anywhere. Their ratings have tanked and people have stopped watching the once 24-7 Trump news networks.

Now, as America plans for its recovery after a four-year stint of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it’s important for the Trump family to settle down in their new role in the post-Trump presidency era. A sharp division in the Republican party in 2024 could hand the Democrats back-to-back presidential election wins, especially when so many in the party now are emboldened to distance themselves from the former president. The GOP establishment backdoored the President in 2020 and now they have four full years to plan their sabotage for 2024.

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For it’s not Trump who has killed the Republican Party in America, it’s people like Mitt Romney, George Bush, Liz Cheney, and others would have rather seen Joe Biden be President in 2020 than another term for a strong, albeit unpredictable Republican. As the Democrats would say, GOP, you can do better.