Holzapfel, McGuckin seek child labor to fill the employee labor shortage gap

Jersey Shore Republicans are hoping school children can fill New Jersey’s labor shortage gap, that could put some working their jobs until 11 pm on a school night. The state currently has laws that limit school aged children’s hours to make sure they can focus on school while earning extra money at part time job during the school year.

Instead of tackling the problem at hand, a labor shortage due to extended unemployment benefits and no requirement for those on unemployment to seek employment, the District 10 team of shore Republicans see children as the way out of the crisis, not fighting Governor Phil Murphy’s reckless unemployment policies.

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According to New Jersey law, no minor under 18 years of age shall be employed, permitted, or suffered to work in, about, or in connection with any gainful occupation more than six consecutive days in any one week, or more than 40 hours in any one week, or more than eight hours in any one day.

Now, under the law proposed by Holzapfel and McGuckin, children can work between the hours of 6 am and 11 pm on any day and even longer in the entertainment and amusement industry. Teens will be able to work 50 hours per week if the bill is passed.

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One person who is not having a problem finding work is Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, who holds over 20 public jobs, earning his firm millions of dollars annually.