Phil Murphy, Democrats just kicked a black man off the ballot for Governor in New Jersey

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Equity. It’s a word thrown around by Phil Murphy and state Democrats that means everyone gets a fair shot and everything, including power is distributed equally among people of color and whites alike. That is unless you’re a black activist who can take votes away from America’s most progressive liberal Democrat.

Enter Edward Forchion, or as you may know him, NJ Weedman. Forchion is a marijuana activist and Democrat who tried to get his name on the November election ballot for governor. After a 90 minute court hearing, the Murphy administration was able to strike his name from the ballot.

“I can’t compete with the power of the Democratic Party,” he then told Judge Jeffrey Rabin.  “I’m about to smoke some weed.”

Democrat State Committee attorney Raj Parikh and made sure he was able to disqualify enough of NJ Weedman’s signatures until he didn’t have enough to legally be on the ballot.

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