Long Branch Police Disperse Juneteenth weekend crowds after fights, disorderly behavior

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LONG BRANCH, NJ – Police in Long Branch responded to a post-Juneteenth beach party in the area of Pier Village after reports of fights and vandalism had local residents, tourists and businesses concerned. Police in the city were supported by surrounding agencies after things got out of control. Police reported four arrests.

“Yesterday, a beach party of what turned out to be thousands of young people from all over the state gathered along the beachfront around Pier Village,” the city’s Public Safety Director wrote in a statement. “The gathering started as a social media post which enticed young people to come to Pier Village and attracted visitors who traveled by train and car.At around 5 PM drinking and unruly behavior began at this gathering and visitors were asked to leave the beach.The City of Long Branch Police Department acted professionally based on their experience and training. The crowd was eventually dispersed. The police arrested four individuals for disorderly persons offenses.”

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