Scowling man blocking traffic shoots at driver and his two-year-old son police say

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BAY COUNTY, FL – The Bay County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Terry Lee Smith of Fountain after it is believed he shot at a victim several times.

The victim was driving home from a store in Fountain with a two-year-old in his car. The victim observed a silver Acura facing the wrong way on one side of Dickerson Road. As he passed the vehicle facing the wrong way, the victim noticed the man driving the vehicle was scowling at him and appeared angry.

The victim tried to drive around the suspect and go home but the suspect exited his vehicle with a shotgun in hand and fired at the victim and the two-year-old, shattering the rear view window.

The victim drove to his home and dropped off the child, asked a family member to call 911, and drove off after the suspect to get a tag number. The victim observed the suspect drive south on Hwy. 231, then turned onto Forrest Glen Drive where he stopped his vehicle and hid among a wooded area. The suspect shot at the victim again, shattering the victim’s front windshield.

The victim met Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies and told the deputy a description of the shooter and the vehicle, in detail, down to tape on the driver’s window.

Deputies were able to identify the shooter as Terry Lee Smith, age 67, at 20615 Sweetwater Branch Road. Family members confirmed that Smith was hiding within his residence. Smith, when approached by deputies, refused to come out of the residence. The deputies used a PA system, instructing Smith to exit the residence, repeating the instructions to leave his residence safely.

Eventually Terry Lee Smith left his residence and was taken into custody with no incident. Smith was charged with two counts of Attempted Murder and booked into the Bay County Jail.