New Jersey Immigrant group blocks rush hour traffic, demanding money from state, feds


ELIZABELTH, NJ – Under New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, illegal immigrants in New Jersey have more rights than illegal immigrants in most other states. Murphy has created a sanctuary state that cares for the needs of the undocumented including health insurance coverage, protection from law enforcement and they can now legally obtain driver’s licenses.

Now, those illegal residents want more. They want money they say is owed to them by the federal and state governments that was afforded to legal citizens. On Monday, they took to the New Jersey Turnpike during rush hour between exits 12 and 13 at around 5:45 p.m. and blocked traffic, stopping legal citizens from getting home from work. Eventually New Jersey State Troopers cleared the road and no charges were filed.

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The group, Y Nosotros Que (translated: And Us) claims the federal government deliberately excluded citizens living illegally in the United States from rounds of economic stimulus.

Source: NJ.comCar caravan blocks N.J. Turnpike for 10 minutes at rush hour in call for undocumented immigrant funding Screenshot: NJ.Com YouTube.