“So I raped you” Man who raped college student confesses in Facebook messages


Shannon Keeler, a New Jersey resident who was attending college at Gettysburg University was raped back in December of 2013 and now, she’s being stalked by her rapist on Facebook. An upperclassman allegedly broke into her dorm room and raped her during a party and now, eight years later, police have what they need to make an arrest.

“So I raped you,” he messaged her. “I’ll never do it to anyone ever again. I need to hear your voice. I’ll pray for you.”

Police have now charged Ian Cleary, 28 of Saratoga, California with sexual assault. They have not yet located him and don’t know where he is.

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“While I am moved to tears by this result, which I have waited for (for) over seven years, I am mindful that this moment came because I went public with my story, which no survivor should have to do in order to obtain justice,” Keeler said this week in a statement.

Authorities say Cleary may be living in Europe.