Confused Joe Biden pulls out notes to answer question about Russian hacking at ice cream store


Traverse City, MI – U.S. President Joe Biden this weekend visited Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in Traverse City, Michigan and while checking out with the cashier was asked about the most recent alleged Russian cyberattack. Confused and befuddled, Biden had to pull out a notecard of his intelligence briefing to answer the question.

“We’re not sure it’s the Russians. I got a brief on the plane, that’s why I was getting off the plane,” Biden said, then pausing for a moment. “I’ll be in better shape to talk about it….”

Then Biden pulled out the intelligence briefing and began reading off it. If it turns out to be the Russian government, Biden said he told Putin he would respond. Then he immediately rescinded that statement saying he hasn’t spoken to the Russian president about it yet.

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