Teen rages after police tell him he can’t swim in algae infested lake

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LAKEMORE, OH – A teenager raged against the police after they tried to tell him he could not swim in Springfield Lakew, which has been closed by local authorities due to algae contamination.

Police said that on Monday, 2021, at approximately 10:20 am, an officer was flagged down by several bystanders near the intersection of Lake Road and Church Street in reference to a juvenile who was swimming in Springfield Lake which is currently prohibited due to algae contamination.

“The officer advised the juvenile they were not permitted to swim in the lake, and the juvenile became irate and began threatening the officer and the bystanders,” police said. “The juvenile dropped two vape pens and assaulted a bystander who attempted to retrieve the vape pens for the officer. When the officer responded by attempting to place the juvenile in handcuffs, the juvenile resisted arrest and a struggle ensued.”

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During the struggle, the juvenile punched the officer in the shoulder and kicked him several times in the back. Bystanders assisted the officer in placing the juvenile in handcuffs and into the back of a police vehicle.

The juvenile then began attempting to kick the rear windows of the police vehicle. The officer transported the juvenile to the Lakemore Police Department and placed the juvenile in a holding cell. The juvenile was able to barricade themself in the holding cell, and officers had to force entry into the holding cell to transport them to the Summit County Juvenile Detention facility. The juvenile is currently housed in SCJDC awaiting a court appearance on the following charges: