Dirty dumpers caught red-handed in Fresno

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FRESNO, CA – On Tuesday, detectives with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Ag Task Force observed two men illegally dumping trash on the side of the road near S. Fig and W. Central Avenues in Fresno. It took the men less than one minute to unload several large appliances and mattresses.

Detectives swooped in and stopped them before they could drive away. They issued the men citations and made them pick up all of the trash they had just dumped.

The prevention of this illegal dumping was a result of ongoing efforts by the Sheriff’s Ag Task Force and the County of Fresno Department of Public Works and Planning to curb this unsightly problem. Detectives continue to be on patrol each day, utilizing different technological tactics to try and put a stop to this filthy crime.

If you witness trash dumping in progress, please report it right away. If you can safely do so, get descriptions of the suspects, their vehicles and license plates. Snap photos if you are able. Make your report to sheriff’s dispatchers at 559-600-3111. You can email your photos to AgCrimes@fresnosheriff.org

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