Woman charged for DWI after multiple calls from motorists after drinking “A lot”


OCALA, FL – The Marion County Sheriff’s Department has reported the arrest of a woman for DWI.

“On July 7th, we received calls from citizens who were behind a vehicle that was driving ridiculously bad and dangerously. Deputy Baker was able to locate the vehicle going at a high rate of speed, passing vehicles, swerving into on-coming traffic and into the grass,” the department said. “Deputy Baker attempted a traffic stop and the driver, later identified as 36-year-old Hollie Koernschild, pulled into a mobile home park, drove over a bicycle and almost hit a stationary vehicle.”

The vehicle Hollie was driving had severe damage to its passenger side where it had hit something. The passenger window was busted out and the windshield was damaged.

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“Deputy Baker made contact with Hollie and he could smell the alcohol coming from her. When asked how much she had to drink,” the deputy said.

Allegedly, she replied, ”A LOT.”

Cpl. Miller conducted field sobriety exercises with Hollie, which she failed miserably. During the finger-to-nose exercise she just pointed her fingers in the air and when asked to recite the alphabet, her response was “Abc123” and “A to Z 123”. Hollie was placed under arrest and when she arrived at the jail, she blew a whopping .255!!