Phil Murphy said Shot and a Beer program helped boost vaccinations but he lied


Trenton, NJ – As Phil Murphy made a red zone push to vaccinate 70% of “adults”, later to be rebranded as people, he began promoting giveaways to encourage vaccinations. Beers, hot dogs, food, pretty much anything under the sun. He said those promotions were working, but the data shows they did not work.

Putting it politely…he lied to us. His shot and a beer initiative failed to accomplish its goal.

In fact, since offering freebies to residents to coerce them into getting vaccinated, the daily vaccination totals continued to drop. It seems like almost everyone in New Jersey who wants a COVID-19 vaccination has it.

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Anyone who doesn’t want one, isn’t getting one. It turns out New Jerseyans aren’t as into beer and vaccines as Phil Murphy is. Murphy’s giveaways were not as enticing as other states who ran cash lotteries and that could factor into the data that shows why New Jerseyans didn’t rush to their local microbreweries in droves to get a free craft beer.

Here’s the data. The red line indicates the period when Murphy began pushing booze for shots. The solid red vertical line indicates the announcement of the “Shot and a Beer” program. Thanks to @wokezombie on Twitter for the data.

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